Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday thoughts

My random Friday thoughts. . .
Another of my girls' locker inspirational quotes.  Never quit.  You can do it!  Good words of advice.  

So I got nominated to be the campaign manager/chairman for a school bond issue coming up in the November election in my town.  The bond issue is to build new schools which we sorely, desperately need.  I wanted to be involved from the beginning because I have been a weekly volunteer in the schools for the last 11 years and have seen what a sad state they are in.  I wanted to be involved, but not in charge. . .oh well.  Here we go.  I am committed to it.  I do feel very strongly about it.  I want to get the correct information out because when people see the numbers and get the correct information it is a no-brainer decision.  We need new schools!  So say a little prayer for me during the next 9 weeks and for my town that the people will hear the message and choose the right :)  Yes for our kids!  Yes for our schools!  Yes for the future of our community!! Never quit!  You can do it!

Have a great long weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's up Wednesday--zucchini soup

Another zucchini recipe favorite as my zucchini are sadly winding down.  It is way too hot here, and the zucchini don't like it.  So, I think we are down to our last dozen or so which is so sad.  Soup really isn't a hot summer food, but this soup is so good and so quick and easy to make.  We have had it several times this summer--hot weather aside.  This recipe feeds our family of 6 with a few leftovers.  You can half it easily.

Zucchini Soup

2 cups onions, chopped fine, (I always use dehydrated)
4 Tablespoons butter
6 cups sliced zucchini
4 cups chicken broth
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 cup milk or half and half

Options for topping--crumbled, cooked bacon, grated cheese, sour cream.

In a large pan cook onions in melted butter until tender then add sliced zucchini and chicken broth.  If using dehydrated onions just melt butter then add all together the onions, zucchini and broth.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to simmer and cook until tender about 15 minutes.  Add salt and pepper.  Pour half the mixture into a blender and blend until smooth.  Repeat with other half.  Return to pot and add milk and reheat, but do not boil.  Top with cheese, bacon, and sour cream.  Yum!
Happy Zucchini season!

Monday, August 25, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 34

The school year has officially started.  Crazy here we come. . .
In case you didn't know, we are Captain America fans around here.  All the kids ended up wearing their Captain America shirts today, so we had to get a picture :)

Miss E got her braces on today!  She looks so cute!  And thankfully they are feeling good, so we are all happy!

Our neighbors down the street have been gone, and they asked Mr J and Miss E to take care of their dogs.  The kids loved playing with them and walking them morning and night.  They did a good job.

First day of 4th grade for Mr J with his awesome teacher!

First day of school for Miss O--she is a freshman in high school

First day of school for Miss E--she is in 7th grade.  No picture of Miss A yet--she is a junior in high school.  Crazy!

And what have I been doing while the kids are at school?  I have been helping to hem 60 new band uniforms :)  Never a dull moment.  Let the fun begin. . .

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week and come back soon!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday thoughts--school has started!

My random Friday thoughts. . .
My weekly inspirational quote.  Love it.  Simple and to the point.  The choice is yours.  I personally prefer smart and happy :)  stupid and miserable have never really been my thing.  Miss E has this in her locker.

And school started this week!?!  Crazy!  My little guy is really not so little anymore--4th grade here he comes with his cute teacher that we love.  2 of his older sisters have had her, and she is the best!  So we are desperately trying to get into the "get to bed early, wake up early" routine, and are having a really hard time which worries me because next week Miss A and Miss O start their 6 a.m. church seminary class followed by 7 a.m. band.  They are going to have long days.  We have had crazy evenings--school open houses, volleyball practices, cross country practices, band uniform fittings, and we have only been in school 3 days!  Here we go!  I think I love summer so much because we can have super busy days, but have nothing in the evenings, and I love that.  That is the kind of schedule I like.  School is not like that.  There is something or usually 4 somethings every evening we need to be at or our kids do.  Divide and conquer.  It sure helps to have another driver--a nice thing Miss A can drive!  So here we go.  I told Ben the other night I felt like I was riding a roller coaster, you know that feeling as you slowly go up and up and up before you plunge straight down and go crazy fast?  Yeah, we have taken the plunge on our roller coaster ride and here we go!  Thankfully everyone seems happy with teachers, classes, school schedules, coaches, etc. so that helps immensely!  Here is to a good school year!  Hope yours goes well too!

On another note, am reading this book right now and really enjoying it.  

Date night tonight and Ben is in charge so we will see what we do.  Last time he chose to go play pickleball.  Have you ever played that?  It is sort of like tennis, but on a smaller court with wooden paddles for rackets and a sort of wiffle ball.  It was fun.  Sadly, it is way, way too hot around here now to do anything outside.  I think he might do a movie night with ice cream which I would think sounds about perfect, I need to just veg on the couch, but we will see.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's up Wednesday--Chili bow tie bake

So this recipe is not going to get you points for being gourmet, but it will get you points for being a fast dinner that everyone likes--at least in my family.  This is one of my many go-to "get dinner on the table quick" dinners.  It has saved me many a nights when we get home late from a game or school function and everyone is starving.  Hopefully it can help you out too!
Chili Bow Tie Bake

2 cups bow tie pasta, uncooked
1/2 onion, chopped
1 can tomato sauce
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 lb ground beef
1 can kidney beans, drained
1 can stewed tomatoes, puree
1/4 teaspoon salt
grated cheddar cheese

Cook pasta, and while that is cooking cook beef with onions and garlic powder, drain.  Stir in all other ingredients except pasta and cheese.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer 5 minutes.  Drain pasta and stir into beef mix.  Heat through and stop with grated cheddar cheese.  

Fast, simple, good,  Enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Blue Jeans Week 32

 This week was a fun, good one spent soaking up the last few days of summer.  School starts in 2 days here this week!  So here is a look at our last week. . .

I took a picture of our dinner tonight because the zucchini Miss A grew in her garden, the corn Mr J grew in his garden, the cantaloupe Miss E grew in her garden and the brownie is actually a zucchini brownie that Miss E grew.  The chicken we did not grow :)  But I was impressed by the fruits and veggies of their labors.  Miss O has more squash and pumpkins in her garden which aren't ready yet.  It was a yummy homegrown meal!

Took these 2 back to school supply shopping today--always fun :)

Miss E wanted to make some cupcakes from scratch today.  She made pretty fancy ones too!  Chocolate with penuche filling and frosting.  They were to.die.for! 

We got baby chicks in the spring and today we finally got our first egg!  The first of many more to come from our 7 laying hens we hope!  

Went swimming at the lake with the church youth group this evening.  The girls had fun!

Enjoying one of our favorite summer drinks--Brazilian lemonade (made with limes).  Perfect for a hot summer day!

Miss O and Miss A have had high school marching band camp this week every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Friday night they had a family dinner to show us what they had been doing.  They had some parents come down and join the kids while they showed them the push ups and other exercises they had been doing this week to get in shape for marching band.  Ben is down there with Miss A and Miss O--love her expression.  These are the hard, very slow push-ups!

Then we got to hear a teaser of what their show will be like this season.  We were very impressed.  Miss O and Miss A are the mellophones in the center of the middle row wearing the Captain American t-shirts :)  Each section was to have the same t-shirts, and my girls are the only mellophones.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you have a good week!  Come back soon!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday thoughts

My random Friday thoughts. . .
Since January I have been posting the inspirational quotes Ben gave me as a Christmas present, and I have used them all.  My 3 girls in getting ready for school and getting decorations for their lockers decided they wanted inspirational quotes to decorate their lockers.  I was impressed by what they found and copied them to add to my other bathroom mirror inspirational quotes.  This is the first one.  Everyone has a story.  And I agree we would be a lot more loving and understanding if we knew each other's stories.  So my take on this is take the time to learn the stories of those you love, work with, live with, are friends with, interact with.  Hopefully you know most of the stories of those you love and live with, but I am sure there are a few things you don't know, so take the time to find out.  It can only bless both your lives as you move forward with a better understanding of who they are and what makes them who they are.  

Have a great weekend and see you Monday!